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A. L. - Patrologia Syriaca - Review
Analysis and critical interpretation of the Hebrew text of the book of Genesis, preceded by a Hebrew grammar, and dissertations on the genuineness of the Pentateuch and on the structure of the Hebrew language (1852)
Bibliotheca historica medii aevi. Supplement; nebst einer Zeitfolge der römischen Päpste, der deutschen Kaiser und Könige, sowie sämmtlicher deutschen Bischofe (1868)
Tregelles. Canon Muratorianus : the earliest catalogue of the books of the New Testament. 1867.
Burkitt. S. Ephraim's quotations from the Gospel (1901).
Connolly. The liturgical homilies of Narsai (1909).
Donker2008_Gerald Donker, 'Athanasius's Contribution to the Alexandrian Textual Tradition of the Pauline Epistles - An Initial Exploration'
Jenkins. Ignatian difficulties and historic doubts : a letter to the Dean of Peterborough (1890).
Marone - Optatus and the African Old Latin
Marone. Esegesi biblica e Teologia sacramentaria nella prima fase della Controversia Donatista. 2006.

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