Bibliotheca Pretiosa: FAQ

  1. If you're using the Scribd' API to manage the Bibliotheca Pretiosa, must I pay for get access to your contents? No! The Scribd platform offer premium services, but it's not necessary to get a paid account to have access to our documents. All the libraries, scripts and page templates are stored in our server, and we use the Scribd' API to ordinate and display our contents, but this does not implies the need of have a payed suscription nor with Scribd nor with us.
  2. I try to read a document on line, but the flash visor only shows 'There was an error converting this document.'. This mean the file is corrupted and it can not be downloaded? Sometimes the documents being parsed are not correctly displayed, and this may occur with some frequency if the document surpass the 500 pages, or 50Mb size. We recommend ignore the warning, and download directly from the link displayed close to the small PLGO horizontal logo. The document downloaded will be fine, and totally redeable with your favorite .PDF reader.
  3. I try to download the document, but I'm being redirected to the Scribd page. Why I cannot download the document? Due to the use of the Scribd' API, you're required to have a working Scribd account. It's not necessary to have a payed account, but the usage of a valid Scribd' account is mandatory. If you have a registered Scribd account, open a new window in your browser, go to the main Scribd page, login, and return to the Bibliotheca Pretiosa page. You will be able to download any document, pressing only the link provided for such task.
  4. My device does not support Flash, how can I have access to your contents? The Bibliotheca Pretiosa is stored totally in the Scribd servers. This mean, you can access through the Scribd site to our contents, which can be displayed not only as Flash-based documents, but as HTML5 complaint ones. You will find the PLGO Collections in this address:
  5. One of your documents has been very useful to me. How can I rate it, share it or add it to my Scribd account? Only go to the 'Share' option, at top right, below the 'Bibliotheca Pretiosa' logo, and you will get several options, one of them, the direct link to view the document in the Scribd platform. Once there you will be able to add it to your reading list, rate, share, and comment.

If you have any other question, comment or suggestion, please contact the PLGO Administrative board.


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