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Bibliotheca Pretiosa CollectionsBibliotheca Pretiosa [Formerly LibScribd] is a project wich born inside the PLGO Community, looking provide and share with the visitors a well ordinated collection of works, related directly with Patristic/Patrological themes.

Taking all the advantages provided by the Scribd' API, the PLGO community has been working in this project since September 2010, and through different steps in the development of such projects, the May 3, 2014, we merge both projects offering to our friends and visitors the actual Bibliotheca Pretiosa.

Here you will find all the contents included in our Scribd account, but minimizing to the limit the difficulties to place and access such documents, and displaying none advertisement' banners nor pop-ups.

Indexing, organizing and reviewing our contents, we hope still helping the academical community providing classical texts and editions carefuly selected from various sources, as Gallica, Google Books and Internet Archive..

We are convinced too that our minimal web template allow browse quickly and easily between the contents, and optimizes too the 'full screen' reading, displaying the items with the best results in any screen. And best of all, ¡legally and most of them from Public Domain!

Be welcome!

The PLGO Administrators.


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